• A Look Inside a Vegan Cuts Beauty Box!


    This is so typical to say, but it felt like my birthday when my Beauty Box from the geniuses at Vegan Cuts arrived at my door. Working mostly out of Ottawa, Vegan Cuts is a collective of (obviously) vegan humans who have created two really awesome ways of incorporating plant-based food and beauty products into your life. There are two monthly subscription programs — each cost $19.95/month — the Snack Box, a sampler filled with delish treats and the Beauty Box, which I am ravaging today. Helping me out is my bud Rebecca, who is the first person I harass when I have any beauty-related questions, and who came right over when I told her what my agenda was for today.

    Now back to that box on my doorstep. We crack it open and forget to take a nice picture of everything all laid out in the fuchsia organza bag because we’re already grabbing at the first product, a sample of Tallulah Jane’s hella fresh Halona fragrance. On my skin it smelled light but ginger-spicy and on Rebecca you could really smell the crisp notes of lime. We both loved it. This organic, hand-poured fragrance totally won me over and I was happy that a little went a long way. It’s a great summer scent.



    Next, we pulled out a sample of Sunny Body Natural Sunscreen from Goddess Garden Organics. With a decent SPF 30 and non-GMO ingredients, I was excited to try this more practical product. I will reluctantly admit that I don’t wear a lot of sunscreen unless I know I’m going to be out all day because I hate how it feels on my skin and I fear the long list of chemicals on the side of each bottle. This sunscreen actually spread on easily and absorbed into our sensitive skin without issue, leaving a nice, beachy smell.



    Floating around the bottom of the products was a sample-size mascara from Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques that Rebecca was really pumped about. We both had mascara on so we decided to convince my partner Ron to use his lashes as a canvas. The brush and consistency of the mascara was comparable to Maybelline’s epic Great Lash and I was happy to see that it was available in brown and black. It did take a bit longer to dry than my regular drugstore brand, but it definitely looked really great on!





    After we put mascara on Ron, we tried SkinAgain’s “Youth” cream. First of all, this is a full size cream and with a value of $65. This one product alone makes paying $19.95 for the box totally worth it. There was also a BOGO coupon inside so if you fell in love, you’d get the next two bottles for half price. Not too shabby. The cream feels SO DAMN NICE that I didn’t mind it smelling similar to other vegan creams I’ve tried in the past. It’s hard to describe, but it’s… plant-y. Again, this feels so good it doesn’t matter. I caught Rebecca sneakily sliding it into her purse when we were done.



    Annnnd it was time for some more make up, specifically Raw Finishing Powder from Gourmet Body Treats. Another full-size product (worth $32!), this translucent powder is ideal for all skin types and felt really good on. My one thing with this was that we used our own brushes to apply the powder, since the accompanying sponge wasn’t the best, but the product itself was awesome and was made up of incredibly simple, natural ingredients.



    Back to the bag, which had so recently seemed like a bottomless pit, and sadly pulled out the last product, the Vegan Blue Yarrow Hair Texture Spray from Sevi. This shit smells AMAZING and actually worked on my blah hair, giving it more of a beachy vibe. It was hands down Rebecca’s favourite item in the Beauty Box, but the one downside is that it’s clearly so good that the spray is sold out on the Sevi site. I’ll have to wait for them to restock to get my own, since Rebecca also stole this one.



    Big thanks to the fine people at Vegan Cuts for letting us play with their first Beauty Box of the summer. It’s so great that they do all the work sourcing seasonal products for you, plus the value alone is enough to give it a try. Now excuse me while douse myself in lime/gingery goodness and catch some rays — guilt-free for once.

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