• #WomanCrushWednesday - Ness Lee

    Before I get started I want to briefly comment on what’s been going on in the media recently. Women in solidarity have become louder, growing in volume against the voices of assholes who think that women are liars and feminism is a bad thing. As always, we need to support and believe each other, while continuing to celebrate female artists, activists, entrepreneurs, moms, students, leaders and weirdos in whatever way works for us. Big love to all the babes today and every day.
    Last weekend my life cohort and I rolled in to Canzine Toronto with an hour to spare and it was bustling. We both fought our tendency to freak out in crowded places with great rewards – the place was rammed with a ridiculous amount of local artists who are killing it. One of these babes was Ness Lee, a Toronto-based illustrator who makes really awesome things. I purchased her “Bitch, please” brooch at the One Of A Kind show last year and was excited to stock up on her body positive goodies, buying, among other things, these amazing pizza earrings. She did not disappoint, her table was full of her Small Ass Zines, brooches, newsprint comics and said pizza brooches. Take a look at her stuff here and check her out on Instagram too!
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