• Issue #1 of the UM+ body positive comic Where We Meet is now available!

    From Spring until Fall every year (basically not when it's super cold out), my boo Ron and I go for nightly walks around the city. We drink tea and talk about stuff we're working on and stuff that we want to get done. One night we started throwing around the idea of combining fatshion, feminism and witchery into comic form and after twelve months of stealing bits of time to make it happen, Where We Meet is done at last! 
    We published a limited run of fifty copies that are bursting with fat babes and ridiculous opponents. Each issue has a hand-printed cover and attitude for days. We got so into this world that we took it one step further and made sticker sets with images from the comic because stickers are awesome, you can check out more images of everything below.
    All of these new goodies can be found in the new Merch section of the shop, including the Fat Babe and Junk Food Lover pennants.  These babes are also limited edition, made with vintage textiles and block printed by me.
    Hope everyone had a nice holiday season, really looking forward to sharing all the new Ursa Major+ projects in 2015 with you! 
    xo Amarina
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