• #WomanCrushWednesday - Lauren Crow

    Lauren Crow describes herself as an “honest photographer”. The bulk of her photos are raw, gorgeous feminist portraits of herself, friends and people she meets when travelling and I find it easy to linger on her work. I am actually late writing this because I spent a bunch of time looking at her photos all over again. Sorry, not sorry.
    What strikes me the most is the kick ass feminism and unrelenting self-love of it all. Lauren says it the best on a recent Instagram post:
    It’s important to remember that while the approval of others can sometimes feel really wonderful, ultimately the only opinion that matters is your own. Do you and do what you love even if not everyone ‘gets it’ even if it shocks people and they talk it down. Do you and do what makes you happy and enriches your soul. Also there are so many people who do get it and are rooting for you. Think more about those people.
    Big love to Lauren Crow for being a really awesome human and if you are into things that are great, don’t miss her portfolio.
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