• #WomanCrushWednesday - Sharon Jones

    Sharon Jones is a bringer of joy. It doesn’t matter if you’re standing in front of her at a show or you hear one of her songs in the grocery store, guaranteed you’re feeling better instantly. Maybe you’d even consider dancing in public because you feel so good. Or maybe without your knowledge your feet have already started tapping and you have to sway the rest of your body back and forth for balance reasons but also for groovy reasons.

    Sharon has been singing almost her whole life, before she hit the big time with the Dap-Kings she was a corrections officer at Riker Island while also doing session work for different bands. After ten years of making amazing funk and soul music together the band was set to release their sixth album, Give the People What They Want when Sharon announced that it would have to be postponed. She was about to begin treatment for cancer that was discovered in her bile duct. There was a real outpouring of love for her and within a year, Sharon was performing again. You can see their first video from that release here and if you love her this is a really great interview she did with the Village Voice a while back. Sharon Jones is an incredible woman, spreading positive energy everywhere she can reach and a crush forever.

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