• #WomanCrushWednesday - Ashley Nell Tipton

    When I’m not writing this column I spend most of my time working on plus size fashion stuff. Before I did this, I went to school for fashion design and that’s when I discovered Ashley Nell Tipton.

    My program, like most in fashion, was not geared towards making clothes for anyone above a size 10, and many of our lessons in pattern drafting, illustration, and clothing construction were based around the notion of dressing to achieve an ideal body shape. Lessons included words like flattering, slimming, and problem areas. When I made my final collection of plus size lounge wear, I learned I was the first to do so in my school, and they couldn’t give me a dress form to work off of because they didn’t have one.

    It was comforting to find Ashley because even though she was in San Diego, I could relate to her experiences. She also was the first person in her school to design a collection for plus women. Since she graduated, Ashley has received a ton of incredible opportunities like debuting at Full Figured Fashion Week in New York City. This babe’s rising star isn’t quitting and she’s going to be on the next season of Project Runway! It’s awesome to see the show cast a plus size fashion designer, and I’m really happy that it’s her.

    Ashley is consistently a source of happy, positive energy and her passion for making clothing is so inspiring. Her clothes are a perfect reflection of who she is: bright, colourful, fun, and stylish. You won’t find a minimal black dress in her store. Best of luck, Ashley! I can’t wait to watch you kick ass on Project Runway, hopefully repping fatshion all the way to the finale.

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