• #WomanCrushWednesday - Karin Gandhi

    For the last two days, my social media feeds have been blowing up with the story of Kiran Gandhi running the London Marathon this past April. For those who aren’t familiar, this babe ran a full marathon freely bleeding after getting her period on the big day. Unwilling to throw away a year of training but also not wanting to suffer the discomfort of wearing a pad or tampon while running, Kiran wore nothing and in doing so, started a discussion about menstruation and body shaming.

    My first reaction when I heard this story was, WHO IS THIS FANTASTIC PERSON? And looking into Kiran’s life a bit further only brought up more evidence that she is a fucking bad ass. After being accepted into the MBA program at Harvard, Kiran was offered a gig playing drums on tour with M.I.A. Unable to decide between these two options, she went with what felt right, what would make her the happiest – she did both. She discovered that following universal cues, going with the flow, and listening to her gut was the key to becoming her best self.

    In 2013 Kiran did a TEDx talk about her theory on decision-making. She calls it Atomic Living, and it focuses on being in tune with your surroundings and developing the ability to deviate from plans and change your expectations on the fly. I’m sure this was one of the driving forces behind her choice to bleed through her first marathon and it’s an interesting talk to process.

    Big ups to Kiran for jump starting a necessary conversation about menstruation and the accessibility of menstruation products and being an inspiration to folks all over the place.  You can watch her TEDx talk here. This is her Instagram account.

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