• OOTD #3 - Sunny Times in Comfy Clothing

    Cardigan - Purchased about 7 minutes before this picture was taken - H&M

    Deep V - Old Navy

    Leopard! Print! Pants! - Dorothy Perkins

    Boots - Doc Martens

    Soul mate and I took a little break from buttloads of work to soak up some sun and make faces on Bloor Street.  It was unexpectedly sweltering hot and my ill-advised decision to wear Docs resulted in my feet feeling like I was on a coal walk.  I obviously used the temperature as an excuse to do a small amount (I promise!) of shopping at H&M.

    I realize that I've been posting outfits from comfy student days.  Next OOTD post I'll employ a novel idea - I'll dress up like an actual adult, watch out!

    xoxo Amarina

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