• My Very First Design is Almost Done!

    Here are some quick shots from my phone of my nearly completed skirt.  It's the first garment that I designed and drew out, drafted a pattern for and sewed the whole damn thing.  The core of the skirt was made from military-grade black twill that I acid washed in an ombre-ish kind of effect. I thought I had ruined it at first but managed to save it and only get trace amounts of bleach in my eyes and lungs.  Then I charmed my uber-talented friend Jenn at Tabula Rasa into generously hooking me up with some vintage leather pants that I deconstructed and used for the back pockets and some piping in front.  In the back I added a double-ended zipper that can be adjusted to your desired slit size (and it can get slutty real real fast if you're on the go).  Please ignore the shabby hem job, it's the last thing I had to do!

    Now I just have to design a top to go with it and some mannequin out there can be head to toe in Ursa Major.

    xoxo Amarina

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    • Ursa Major says...

      Thank you!

      On June 21, 2011

    • Yves says...


      On June 21, 2011

    • Hayidan's Intuition says...

      very chic design.. i like :)

      On June 21, 2011

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