• Gypsy Woman and Ginger Snaps


    Nothing screams summer like a little Ricky Nelson blaring on the stereo as you drive off into the sunset.  That's what I'm dreaming about as I finish up baking some yummy ginger snaps for our class potluck tomorrow.  Clear some space in your living room and preheat the oven, let's do the twist.

    xoxo Amarina

    Ursa Major's Spicy Ginger Snaps

    You'll need:

    1/2 Cup Butter, 1/2 Cup Sugar, 1/2 Cup Fancy Molasses, 1 Egg Yolk

    2 Cups Flour, 1/2 Tsp. Salt, 1/2 Tsp. Baking Powder, 1/2 Tsp. Baking Soda, 1 Tsp. Ground Cinnamon, 1 Tsp. Ground Cloves, 1 Tsp. Ground Ginger, 1/2 Tsp. Nutmeg

    Gather that and then do this:

    1. Grab 2 bowls, some spoons and measuring things.

    2. In a large bowl cream together the butter and the sugar.  Then stir in that sticky molasses followed by the egg yolk. Set aside.

    3. In a separate bowl, mix up the rest of those ingredients.

    4. Stir everything together until smooth.  Now the dough is going to be delicious, so try not to eat it all before you even get it in the oven.  Roll what's left into a big ball, chuck it back in the mixing bowl, cover it and chill the dough in the fridge for an hour or so. Now it's time to dance!

    5.  Preheat the oven.

    6. Roll the dough out on to a floured surface (you might need quite a bit, see how it goes).

    7. Cut out the cookies into your desired shape (I used a triceratops cutter) and gently put them on a cookie sheet.

    8. I bake them up for about 7 mins but every oven is different, so keep an eye on them.  This shouldn't be too hard because they smell so good when they're baking that you'll be salivating outside of the oven, hand on handle, just waiting for these to be ready.

    9. Make a cup of tea, put your feet up and enjoy!

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