• OOTD - When in doubt, knot that shit up!

    So here I am at sundown, killing a little time while we wait for our friends to meet us for delish Greek food on the Danforth.  The restaurant we usually go to employs leery men who try very hard to ogle my boobs in the most obvious ways possible.  This has become a ridiculous joke between soul mate and I, so I decided to make it easy for them this time, with a little low-cut action/semi transparent top.

    And some patent, straight up 1987 heels.

    I didn't feel like going over the top with my jewellery, so I loaded on some chunky vintage gold bracelets and some white OPI Shatter nail polish over OPI Onyx something.  Please excuse the cat scratches and iron burns from playtime and sewing time (respectively).

    I'll just never be graceful in heels!

    Shirt: Truly Madly Deeply - Urban Outfitters

    Skirt - H & M

    Tights - Some Winners-type store in California

    1987 Footwear: Value Village

    Bracelets: Hibou Accessories

    Sunshine smiles with the greatest guy around!

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    • bonkasaurus says...

      Your bracelets are adorable! its always so awkward when you catch creapsters staring at your chest…

      -Bianca at

      On August 13, 2011

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