• OOTD - California Edition

    On our way home to Santa Cruz after an all day date in San Francisco, Soul Mate and I stopped a few times along Hwy 1 to take in the foggy air and scenery.  I am certain that I will always be in love with this place.

    Here I am appreciating the waves, as well as the surfers who are looking nice and doing a really good job of not dying in what seemed like some violent waves.  I will definitely never be a surfer -  I'm such a klutz that it would have been completely normal for me to trip over my own feet and fail at just standing near the edge of this cliff.

    Even though it was something terrible like a sweltering 40 *C in Toronto this same afternoon, I had to pick up this awesome shawl to have as an extra layer.  Haven't worn it once since we've been back though, too dang humid!


    Right after we took these pictures, we got back in the car and continued driving along a dangerously foggy Hwy. 1.  We hadn't been driving more than 15 minutes when a giant owl (!!)  flew out of a roadside tree, across the hwy and landed in the tree on the other side.  It was fucking majestic.

    Happy, happy vacation times.


    We just never get tired of this place!


    Shawl - Ross

    Crop Tee - Urban Outfitters, Santa Cruz

    Maxi - Old Navy

    Sandals - Body Blue, Toronto

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    • stina says...

      i’m so glad i found your blog!!
      i’m from hamilton, on myself.
      i’m planning on driving from san fran to la in the near future so i will be asking you questions about your drive then.

      On September 20, 2011

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