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  • #WomanCrushWednesday - Valerie of Big Gal Yoga

    I’ve always been one to enjoy a long hike over a quick run. I used to play baseball as a tween and always enjoyed the innings where I’d be in the outfield, daydreaming and feeling indifferent about the ball coming my way. Team sports were never my thing.

    Yoga seemed like the perfect activity for me and it was love at first breath. But when I started practicing yoga I always did it at home, too nervous to take a class and feeling self-conscious about being a beginner. A lot of the videos I watched had different modes depending on experience but I wasn’t really seeing a lot of bodies that looked like mine. When I came across Big Gal Yoga on Instagram, I could instantly feel the positive energy and self-love coming from Valerie. She has been sharing her love of yoga and encouraging folks to give it a try with fun challenges and tips for bigger bodies, and people are loving it. Valerie’s daily poses are gorgeous and inspirational, plus the fashion-lover in me is shouting HELL YEAH for her plethora of colourful yoga gear – she’s always looking tops. Get ready to spend a bunch of time scrolling through her photos!

    You can also check out Valerie’s full site here.

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