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  • Custom Fashion Croquis

    The end of the first half of our condensed 7 week semester is coming up and I've had little time to sleep, let alone blog.  Alas, here I am in a frazzled state, showing off my custom croquis.  What the hell are croquis you might ask?  They are slightly stretched fashion figures used for sketching when a designer is trying to get their ideas down on paper.  I had been scouring the internet looking for nice plus-size croquis and had no success finding some that were inspiring to me.   Luckily, I have my endlessly talented soul mate who happily got...

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  • My Favourite Gal

    [youtube=] So happy to hear that my fave artiste and crafter Leslie Hall has released a new video and a new album, just in time for the  summer!  Press play and let your living room dance improv spill forth... xoxo Amarina

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