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  • Summer Jams - Twin Shadow

    Saw Twin Shadow play last week at Lee's Palace and he was next level amazing.  Can't stop listening to his sweet jams!

    Took a quick and crappy outfit shot in the streets, post-sweatfest.

    Shirt: Old Rolling Stones tour shirt

    Leggings: Forever 21+

    Dancing shoes: Urban Outfitters

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  • Earstuff - A Jigsaw

    [youtube=] Randomly came across this (maybe?) Portuguese band and have been listening to them like nobody's business.  Plus, I can't decide how hot the singer is - any feedback on this serious issue is welcome. xoxo Amarina

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  • A Spooky Little Ditty

    And all of a sudden it's time to wish everyone a Happy Halloween.  What happened to October? Hell, what happened to September?  I hope everyone gets their favourite sweet treat, here's a little something to move your ghoulish feet! xoxo Amarina [youtube=]

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  • Tunes - Dominant Legs

    [youtube=] I was on the hunt for some new music that would keep the summer vibes rolling and boy was I satisfied with what I found.  Here's the video for "Hoop of Love" from the forthcoming album Invitation by Dominant Legs.  The dude in the band, William Ryan Lynch is actually the guitarist from Girls - a band I have been swaying with a smile to for a long time now. This makes me want time to rewind so I can have summer all over again, *sigh* xoxo Amarina

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  • My Ukulele Debut

    I've always been fond of the ukulele.  Some of my favourite bands (Dent May, Beirut) feature the ukulele and it always makes me happy.  Last Christmas, my dear friend Rebecca and I unknowing bought each other ukuleles and I've been practicing away in my spare time ever since. This summer was my AMAZING grandparent's 60th wedding anniversary party and family members flew in from all over Canada (mostly Newfoundland) to celebrate the remarkable couple.  My brother (centre in the picture) wrote an awesome Newfie stomp song commemorating the milestone and invited me to join him on ukulele and my soul...

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  • Best Coast is just the best

    [youtube=] This is such a great video that Drew Barrymore directed for another perfect summer anthem from Best Coast.  While the dance fighting might be a little ridiculous, you can't go wrong with an homage to West Side Story.  Plus that chick from that movie with Nicolas Cage rocks wicked hair. xoxo Amarina

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  • Gothic Summer Jams

    [youtube=] There's just something about gothic women singing gothic anthems that has always turned my crank.  Back in the day Shakespeare's Sister sang "Stay" and I recorded it off the radio onto a blank tape and listened to it over and over again until the tape warped.  Today, my iPod is loaded with the likes of The Knife, Fever Ray, Austra and Zola Jesus, who all evoke that darker side in me. Even though it's sunny outside, these artists have been in my ears all day long. Warning: This video is over-the-top-90's-amazing. [youtube=] xoxo Amarina

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  • Gypsy Woman and Ginger Snaps

    [youtube=] Nothing screams summer like a little Ricky Nelson blaring on the stereo as you drive off into the sunset.  That's what I'm dreaming about as I finish up baking some yummy ginger snaps for our class potluck tomorrow.  Clear some space in your living room and preheat the oven, let's do the twist. xoxo Amarina Ursa Major's Spicy Ginger Snaps You'll need: 1/2 Cup Butter, 1/2 Cup Sugar, 1/2 Cup Fancy Molasses, 1 Egg Yolk 2 Cups Flour, 1/2 Tsp. Salt, 1/2 Tsp. Baking Powder, 1/2 Tsp. Baking Soda, 1 Tsp. Ground Cinnamon, 1 Tsp. Ground Cloves, 1 Tsp....

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  • The Rapture's Got Me Dancing

    [youtube=] I actually forgot about this song that I used to love, especially when stomping around hair flailing and late teenage angst melting away.  With all of this talk of the rapture I thought, what the hell happened to The Rapture? xoxo Amarina

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