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  • #WomanCrushWednesday - Emma Sulkowicz

    TW: Sexual assault.

    When I saw Emma’s name go by in my Facebook feed yesterday I immediately clicked on the link to get an update on her performance activism piece. Emma’s story first started circulating online after she began carrying her 50 lb. dorm mattress with her, everywhere she went. A form of endurance performance art, Emma titled her senior thesis Mattress Performance (Carry That Weight), making a commitment to carry it until her alleged rapist was expelled from Columbia University, where they both went to school. She could accept help if someone offered to carry it with her, but she could not ask for it.

    Nine months later, Emma carried her mattress to her final classes and people started wondering if she would bring it to convocation and if she would be allowed in with it. Sure enough, @teoarmus tweeted this photo today:

    Because some people are the worst, Jezebel reported this morning that large posters featuring a photo of Emma and her mattress with the words “Pretty Little Liar” scrawled across it were spotted in some areas of New York City. A @fakerape Twitter account also appeared and has almost 1,000 followers and as of this this afternoon it is still active and asshole-y.

    Emma’s activism and art is important and necessary, if you would like a fuller description of her project you can watch this interview with her.

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