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  • My Very First Design is Almost Done!

    Here are some quick shots from my phone of my nearly completed skirt.  It's the first garment that I designed and drew out, drafted a pattern for and sewed the whole damn thing.  The core of the skirt was made from military-grade black twill that I acid washed in an ombre-ish kind of effect. I thought I had ruined it at first but managed to save it and only get trace amounts of bleach in my eyes and lungs.  Then I charmed my uber-talented friend Jenn at Tabula Rasa into generously hooking me up with some vintage leather pants that...

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  • Noo Tattoo!

    Went out and rewarded myself for getting straight A's with a little ink, courtesy of Pearl Harbor Gift Shop in Kensington. Please excuse the smeared eyeliner, demonic expression and rats nest hair.

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