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  • Loving Vintage With...Kate London-James

    I am definitely not complaining, but I have been swamped recently with pop up shops and lookbook shoots, denying y'all of this really great interview I did with the incredible Kate London-James a while back.  An (almost!) 25 year old recruitment coordinator from Barry Island, Wales, she is one of my all-time favourite bloggers, one of the sweetest women ever and a huge inspiration to me.  I will never get sick of looking at pictures of her and it is a dream of mine to hang out with her and her partner in the flesh. 
    Where do you like to shop for vintage? 
    You know what, where I live, vintage shops are very few and far between and the few there really do not cater to a plus size vintage lover, which is such a shame. So I tend to stick to eBay for the majority of my vintage thrifting! I am really new to the plus size vintage scene, but I definitely have the bug already. It is incredible the things you can find if you spend the time scrolling through endless pages haha. I do think the key to making incredible finds is patience! However, my parents live 3 hours away from me and there is a lovely little vintage shop in their town that is incredible for accessories (sadly, they don’t really carry clothing for the more rotund vintage lover!).
    What makes you pick out a piece and want to buy it?
    I do like to think that I don’t have a ‘specific image’ or style so for me, it really just depends on the piece. It has to catch my eye and keep me coming back to it! I have to feel as if, if I leave the shop without it, it will be the biggest mistake of my life haha! But generally, I do love anything with a pleated skirt, anything with faux fur or anything gold.
    What is your fave vintage item in your closet?
    My favorite vintage item is definitely the royal blue dress I found on eBay recently for 99p! It has an amazing pleated skirt, a really cool black etched pattern all over it and it also has the cutest bow detail on one of the shoulders. It isn’t designer or one of a kind (as far as I know haha) but I absolutely adore it, it makes me feel fabulous!
    Do you have a dream piece that you would die if you found?
    If we’re dreaming really big, I’m going to have to go with a Chanel Handbag. They aren’t especially hard to find, but they are big dollar haha! So in the future, I would love to save to afford one. Chanel (although don’t get me started on the fat hating views of Karl Lagerfeld!) are such a classic, elegant and irreplaceable vintage brand in my eyes! If we’re going for something a little more in my immediate price range haha, I would just love to find some more eye catching dresses! I don’t even own 1 pair of trousers, so dresses make up the entirety of my wardrobe and to be able to add a few more vintage finds would be amazing.
    Who are your “vintage” style icons?
    This is such a hard questions because there are so many women that are an incredible inspiration, including you! I have been following your Instagram account and blog for a few years now and you are always so positive and your style is to die for. I think a huge amount of style is how you carry it and there are a quite a few prominent plus size women that I find, frustratingly, seem to feel the need to constantly justify and emotionalize their styles when in fact, why can’t a woman, plus size and straight size, just wear what she likes because it makes her feel fabulous? Rather than wearing it to make a statement! This is part of why I love your blog and Instagram so much because there is none of that, just heaps of positivity and incredible vintage style! I also adore Beth Ditto, although she isn’t consistently in vintage, she makes bold fashion choices and wears whatever she wants, because she wants to! Through the power of Instagram I have had a few brief chats with Beth on various occasions and she is just as awesome as you would imagine. 
    If you could bring any trend back from the past, what would it be?
    I really love Civil War Button Boots! Sadly, as it stands, they seem to be limited to the ‘Steam Punk’ and ‘Goth’ scene! They are so adorable with the little, block heel and the side button detail – I would die to find a pair in black that I could wear with every day outfits. 
    What vintage look would we NEVER see you wearing?
    This question is super hard as I will pretty much give anything a go and put my own twist on it but I’m really not a massive fan of the neon 80’s look. I know it’s making a comeback this season but with my complexion and hair color, it just looks downright awful! Don’t get me wrong, it can look fabulous on the right girl but it is definitely not for me! Although I adore 99.9% of the other 80’s fashion trends! I love a cheeky fringed leather jacket and a sweet perm!
    Big thanks to Kate for her kind words and insight on her personal style (also super envious of your chats with Beth Ditto!!), and if you haven't already please check out her blog, How Kate Does Fashion. You can also follow her on Instagram and Twitter.  Kate recommended a bunch of great music but since since it's summer and all, I went with her choice of Iggy Azalea's Fancy.  Kate recommended a bunch of great music but since since it's summer and all, I went with her choice of Iggy Azalea's Fancy.  Stay tuned for more vintage chats with inspiring megababes! 
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