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  • #WomanCrushWednesday - Warpaint and Chastity Belt

    Today is the first day of Toronto’s annual music festival North By Northeast (NXNE) and every year I go and smush my fat body into crowds and try to power through my anxiety for these kinds of things – in the name of good tunes. This year, two of my fave all-girl bands are playing the same night at different venues (the stressssss) and I’m going to try to see them both. So let’s celebrate babes in bands, shall we?

    First up we’ve got Warpaint who are pictured above. They’ve been together for over a decade and they make witchy, jammy, gorgeous music. They all sing. They look effortlessly cool all the time.

    Warpaint put out their second self-titled LP last year to critical acclaim and have been touring like crazy since. In a recent interview the babes talked about potentially not releasing any more full-length albums, they’re just going to put out tracks as they’re created. The single No Way Out was released this year, it’s brilliant and more tunes are on their way.

    You can listen to No Way Out here, it’s been on rotation for my solo living room dance parties for months!

    Warpaint is playing Adelaide Hall on Friday June 19th @midnight.

    My other must-see is Seattle-based feminist babes Chastity Belt. I discovered them only recently but the song Cool Slut off their latest album Time to Go Home is my pre-summer sunny day anthem. With lyrics I want to hear like “To all the girls in the world trying to take off their shirt, ladies it’s okay to be slutty”, it’s no surprise that they’re a hit with Rookie and Bust Magazine. You can check out their cute-as-heck video for Cool Slut right here.

    Chastity Belt are playing a couple of sets this Friday, you can catch the details on the NXNE site here.

    If you know any all-female bands that you think I should check out, let me know in the comments!

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  • JanuEARy Playlist

    Janu-eary Moods from majoramarina on 8tracks Radio.


    We're deep in January now, which for many means moody feelings and comfort food and Netflix. Personally, it's been a month of slow cooker chicken, beet salad, dim light, Sherlock and witchy tunes. Thought I'd share what has been on rotation in the studio so far this year, hope you hit play, maybe light a candle and shake your ass a bit. 

    xo Amarina

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  • Loving Vintage With...Emmi of Roosa's Closet

     I am so excited to introduce a new series on the blog that I've been calling "Loving Vintage With...", where I will be talking with humans from all over the world about vintage clothing and what it means to them.  Stockholm blogger/eco makeup lover Emmi of Roosa's Closet is a master of consistently dispelling the myth that thrifting previously worn clothes is dirty and looks more shabby than chic.  Her wardrobe is sleek, sophisticated and curated with such care that it's impossible to decipher which pieces are old or new.  She was kind enough to chat with me about her style and how she incorporates vintage into her incredible wardrobe.  
    Where do you like to shop for vintage?
    In Sweden we have a few nice charity shops like Myrorna and Stadsmissionen where you can find nice things for less money. We also have more established vintage boutiques like Beyond Retro, Judit’s ect for handpicked pieces. There is a lot of different vintage and second hand stores in Stockholm when you start to look for them!
    What makes you pick out a piece and want to buy it?
    Usually I don’t have anything particular in mind when I shop vintage pieces, I find it easier that way to have an open mind. Often I find some pieces and use them in totally other purposes than they are meant to, scarves are really nice half-turbans for example. Different, special pieces often get my attention!
    What is your fave vintage item in your closet?
    It has to be my cream colored blazer from the early 90s. I got it a few years ago and it’s just perfect! Another item I love is my sister's vintage bag she found at a flea market.
    Do you have a dream piece that you would die if you found?
    Oh yes, a black vintage Chanel 2.55!
    Who are your “vintage” style icons?
    I like Elsa Billgren, Ava Sfez, Veronica Lake, Marilyn Monroe (especially the more “casual” pictures of her) for their style and beauty.
    If you could bring any trend back from the past, what would it be?
    I would love to see more hats on both men and women!
    What vintage look would we NEVER see you wearing?
    I’m more into classic, simple, ladylike pieces so I have a hard time picturing myself in the hysterical 80s blazers, makeup and hair… But never say never!
    All photos courtesy of Emmi Rantakallio
    Since music has such a huge influence on my style, I've been asking for recommendations as part of this series.  Emmi suggested that I check out Mountain Bird, Jamie Woon and Bonobo so I'm going to finish this off with one of her picks.  Thanks again to Emmi for taking the time to talk with me, please check out her beautiful blog and you can find her on Instagram here.
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  • Summer Jams - Twin Shadow

    Saw Twin Shadow play last week at Lee's Palace and he was next level amazing.  Can't stop listening to his sweet jams!

    Took a quick and crappy outfit shot in the streets, post-sweatfest.

    Shirt: Old Rolling Stones tour shirt

    Leggings: Forever 21+

    Dancing shoes: Urban Outfitters

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  • Earstuff - A Jigsaw

    [youtube=] Randomly came across this (maybe?) Portuguese band and have been listening to them like nobody's business.  Plus, I can't decide how hot the singer is - any feedback on this serious issue is welcome. xoxo Amarina

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  • A Spooky Little Ditty

    And all of a sudden it's time to wish everyone a Happy Halloween.  What happened to October? Hell, what happened to September?  I hope everyone gets their favourite sweet treat, here's a little something to move your ghoulish feet! xoxo Amarina [youtube=]

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  • Tunes - Dominant Legs

    [youtube=] I was on the hunt for some new music that would keep the summer vibes rolling and boy was I satisfied with what I found.  Here's the video for "Hoop of Love" from the forthcoming album Invitation by Dominant Legs.  The dude in the band, William Ryan Lynch is actually the guitarist from Girls - a band I have been swaying with a smile to for a long time now. This makes me want time to rewind so I can have summer all over again, *sigh* xoxo Amarina

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  • My Ukulele Debut

    I've always been fond of the ukulele.  Some of my favourite bands (Dent May, Beirut) feature the ukulele and it always makes me happy.  Last Christmas, my dear friend Rebecca and I unknowing bought each other ukuleles and I've been practicing away in my spare time ever since. This summer was my AMAZING grandparent's 60th wedding anniversary party and family members flew in from all over Canada (mostly Newfoundland) to celebrate the remarkable couple.  My brother (centre in the picture) wrote an awesome Newfie stomp song commemorating the milestone and invited me to join him on ukulele and my soul...

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  • Best Coast is just the best

    [youtube=] This is such a great video that Drew Barrymore directed for another perfect summer anthem from Best Coast.  While the dance fighting might be a little ridiculous, you can't go wrong with an homage to West Side Story.  Plus that chick from that movie with Nicolas Cage rocks wicked hair. xoxo Amarina

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  • Gothic Summer Jams

    [youtube=] There's just something about gothic women singing gothic anthems that has always turned my crank.  Back in the day Shakespeare's Sister sang "Stay" and I recorded it off the radio onto a blank tape and listened to it over and over again until the tape warped.  Today, my iPod is loaded with the likes of The Knife, Fever Ray, Austra and Zola Jesus, who all evoke that darker side in me. Even though it's sunny outside, these artists have been in my ears all day long. Warning: This video is over-the-top-90's-amazing. [youtube=] xoxo Amarina

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