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  • #WomanCrushWednesday - Olivia Mew

    We’ve been told for too long that in order to be your best self you’ve got to do a bunch of these things:

    • Win strangers over with effortless charm!
    • Aim for the top!
    • Put your head down and get to work!
    • Say stuff like: I’ll sleep when I’m dead!
    • Work hard, play harder!
    • Impressing people is important!
    • Probably something about being good with money!

    Montreal-based illustrator Olivia Mew knows where it’s at, and it’s not this. She’s quickly become the go-to retailer for homebodies and chill folks everywhere. Maybe Club President is a better title, since she’s been killing it with Stay Home Club, a clothing and accessory line described as a lifestyle brand for people who have no life. Her stuff has a perfectly distinct vibe, encouraging like-minded people to proudly display their feels with shirts and totes that say things like “boring is best” and “sad sack.”

    Celebrate being an introvert with Stay Home Club’s gear here, follow Olivia on Instagram, and check out her illustrations here.

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