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  • Ursa Major + Jewelry on the Runway

    A while back, my dear friend Imke designed and made a beautiful collection of lingerie and leather jackets for Arts & Fashion Week Toronto.  Her line was incredible and the fact that she sewed everything herself speaks to her talents (and possibly her craziness!).  She needed some jewelry for the runway show and I created a mini collection for her that I continued and expanded for this store because I loved it so much.  Here are some of the images from the post-runway shoot, most of the jewelry you can find in the shop and you can check out the uber-amazing Imke here.
    Shop the Ursa Major+ Jewelry Collection here, or clicking on the image will take you to that particular piece of jewelry.  As always, I recognize that all bodies are beautiful and diverse, so size customization is available for most pieces at no extra charge. 
    Model is wearing the UM+ Horn of Plenty Earrings
    Model wears UM+ 90s Floral Earrings
    Model wears the UM+ Fly Girl Studs
    Model wears the UM+ Dark Horn Earrings (currently out of stock)
    Model wears the UM+ Foresight Necklace
    Model wears the UM+ Horn of Plenty Earrings
    Model wears the UM+ Fly Girl Studs
    Model wears the UM+ Foresight Necklace
    Model wears the UM+ Dark Horn Earrings (currently out of stock)
    Model wears UM+ Survivor Earrings
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  • Behind the Scenes of the Ursa Major+ Lookbook


    In the short time since opening Ursa Major+, I have met some really awesome people and also had the chance to work with some of my dear friends.  The business of online entrepreneurship can be lonely at times - there is a lot of sitting in front of the computer.  It's no surprise that lookbook shoot days are the most fun, the studio is bumping with preparation and good music.  Here's a behind the scenes glance at the very first shoot for Ursa Major+!



    Makeup artist and nail art guru Rebecca De La Cour gets model Tori ready.




    I was wearing a lot of hats that day, both in front and behind the camera.  Tori is killing it as always.



    Tori, Rebecca and I as the shoot was wrapping up. We were ready to get out of the rain and into a box of pizza.



    Tori and our photographer Marcin Zach are the cutest couple around.  So much gratitude for all the help I had from these incredible people! 

    Have you checked out the lookbook yet?  You can find it here.

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  • Instagram Catchup


    Since I've been an unreliable blogger lately, I thought I would catch everyone up on the ugly faces I've been making, cat pictures I've been taking and various other moments from the last little while.

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    Experimenting with body chains - what do you think, ladies?



    Ron and I decided to spend a weekend making  a stop-motion short about a cactus.  We spent most of the time doing weird faces at each other instead.



    Salad jarring for life!


    I am the luckiest girl in the world.





    And some outfit posts too!


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  • It's analog o'clock! Part deux

    Here's the second batch of shots from my Diana Mini, I hope you like them!

    xoxo Amarina

    Subway wall, Montreal

    Evergreen Brickworks, Toronto


    Ron being a stud at the beach, Toronto


    Santa Cruz, CA


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  • It's analog o'clock!

    I've been going through a bunch of old Lomo scans from my Diana Mini and getting really excited to have my next couple of rolls developed.  I brought it with me to Cuba and hopefully got some really cool shots of the gorgeous landscape...or I took a bunch of the ground and the inside of my purse. That's the beauty of analog photography right? Right?

    Well I found so many that I thought fondly of so I broke this post up into two, I'll be posting the rest of them tomorrow!


    xoxo Amarina

    Rock sculptures at the beach in Toronto.

    Ron in Carmel, California

    Cacti in L.A.

    Ron working mutton chops at our home base.

    Is it surprising that the most delightful squirrels live in one of the most beautiful places ever? (Big Sur, CA)

    Snowin' and bowlin'

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