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  • #WomanCrushWednesday - The Babes of Scandal

    A couple of weeks ago I made a small declaration on Instagram about donating, repurposing and giving away a bunch of things that my partner and I had accumulated over the years. Aside from a club chair that had seen better days, the biggest item that we’ve sent packing so far was our television.

    It felt right. I find commercials infuriating and even muting them wasn’t good enough. We realized that we rarely even turned it on anymore, we liked having that time to do other things and we didn’t want to pay for cable either. Full disclosure, there was one, kinda major reason for hesitation: how was I going to watch Scandal the second it was on?! Would I have to WAIT?! What if one of my lovely friends has a jerk spoiler passionate moment about it on Facebook before I see the episode and ruins everything?! Maybe we should just keep it until the season is over…

    Alas, team minimalism won and out went the television. It was the right thing to do.

    It hasn’t always been like this. Last summer a friend of mine was super late to meet me for a snack date and her reason was, “Sorry I’m so late, I was watching Scandal and I couldn’t stop.” At the time this seemed ludicrous, until I got sick around the holidays and decided to give this show that people are freaking out about a try. My expectations were low, I have never been much of a primetime drama watcher but I trust the taste of my tardy friend. Days passed and I went through the first two seasons like they were boxes of Kleenex.

    I love Scandal. I’m so into the suspense of it all and the strong female characters and the president is a spineless wiener and Noel from Felicity is in it and I’m not complaining about that one bit. It’s not without problems – I would like to see some more body diversity in the cast and for main character Olivia Pope to be less in love with who she’s in love with. But Shonda Rhimes is definitely using this show as a platform for discussion of race, women in power, love, class, and more and I’m invested. The season is almost over and I know it’s going to be a wild cliffhanger before the countdown to next season begins.

    So I guess I have forgiven my friend for her lateness that day because I probably (almost definitely) would have done the same thing in her shoes. It’s a miracle really, that she even pried her eyes away for social time and nourishment! If you haven’t watched this show yet and it seems like your thing, clear your calendar and prepare some snacks.

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