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  • The Winter 2015 Lookbook is here!

    I am so excited to share my latest lookbook with y'all, shooting this was absolutely the best time and the dream team couldn't have been dreamier. I hope you love it! xo

    Model: GB
    Photographer: Yuli Scheidt
    Styling: Amarina Norris
    Support: Ron Caddigan 
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  • #WomanCrushWednesday - Elisa Goodkind and Lilly Mandelbaum

    Image via @stylelikeu

    This week the spotlight is on mother/daughter fashion mavens Elisa Goodkind and Lilly Mandelbaum of StyleLikeU. I’m not sure how I first came across the site but I have fond memories of sneakily going through their closet profiles of cool people with unconventional style during my downtime at a little boutique I worked at years ago. It’s amazing to see how far this dream team has come, expanding the content to conversations about beauty, bodies, creativity and living a unique life, as well as having open dialogues about their own struggles with body image and beauty standards. I was SO INTO their Second Skin series (fingers crossed that more are in the works) but it’s their latest project Whats Underneath, that is really getting a lot of much-deserved attention right now. If you’re not familiar, I highly recommend procrastinating on whatever you need to get done and have a little StyleLikeU marathon.

    I'm also including their StyleLikeU Manifesto because it's so great:


    -Be aware of how marketing affects you.
    -Don’t wish to be someone else.
    -You are your best editor.
    -Beauty is confidence.
    -Your imperfections make you you.
    -Vulnerability is strength.
    -Trendiness is not style.
    -Dress for yourself.
    -Question your assumptions
    -Don’t limit yourself to boxes and labels.
    -Life is not a dress rehearsal
    -Style cannot be bought
    -Indifference is not cool
    -Style is political.


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  • It's SALE Time!

    There's just one more day left of the sale and a lot of really great stuff is still available! Making room for some great Fall pieces as well as, dare I say, some Ursa Major+ originals!  
    Here are some of my favourite items up for grabs as of right now, grab them while you can.
    Throw a denim jacket on and this beauty will take you straight into Fall - $31.50 
    This cozy camo long sleeve is only $10!!
    Pair these adorable shorts with tights and boots and stomp your way through September - $19.50
    This is the kind of blazer that puts a smile on your face just looking at it! $20
    And for the 90's enthusiasts, a classic Surf Style windbreaker - $27
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  • #WomanCrushWednesday - Elsa Billgren

    My #WomanCrushWednesday this week is possibly the cutest human ever, the lovely Elsa Billgren. A Swedish television personality and vintage fashion enthusiast, I found her style blog about six years ago and I still can’t get enough.
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  • Loving Vintage With...Emmi of Roosa's Closet

     I am so excited to introduce a new series on the blog that I've been calling "Loving Vintage With...", where I will be talking with humans from all over the world about vintage clothing and what it means to them.  Stockholm blogger/eco makeup lover Emmi of Roosa's Closet is a master of consistently dispelling the myth that thrifting previously worn clothes is dirty and looks more shabby than chic.  Her wardrobe is sleek, sophisticated and curated with such care that it's impossible to decipher which pieces are old or new.  She was kind enough to chat with me about her style and how she incorporates vintage into her incredible wardrobe.  
    Where do you like to shop for vintage?
    In Sweden we have a few nice charity shops like Myrorna and Stadsmissionen where you can find nice things for less money. We also have more established vintage boutiques like Beyond Retro, Judit’s ect for handpicked pieces. There is a lot of different vintage and second hand stores in Stockholm when you start to look for them!
    What makes you pick out a piece and want to buy it?
    Usually I don’t have anything particular in mind when I shop vintage pieces, I find it easier that way to have an open mind. Often I find some pieces and use them in totally other purposes than they are meant to, scarves are really nice half-turbans for example. Different, special pieces often get my attention!
    What is your fave vintage item in your closet?
    It has to be my cream colored blazer from the early 90s. I got it a few years ago and it’s just perfect! Another item I love is my sister's vintage bag she found at a flea market.
    Do you have a dream piece that you would die if you found?
    Oh yes, a black vintage Chanel 2.55!
    Who are your “vintage” style icons?
    I like Elsa Billgren, Ava Sfez, Veronica Lake, Marilyn Monroe (especially the more “casual” pictures of her) for their style and beauty.
    If you could bring any trend back from the past, what would it be?
    I would love to see more hats on both men and women!
    What vintage look would we NEVER see you wearing?
    I’m more into classic, simple, ladylike pieces so I have a hard time picturing myself in the hysterical 80s blazers, makeup and hair… But never say never!
    All photos courtesy of Emmi Rantakallio
    Since music has such a huge influence on my style, I've been asking for recommendations as part of this series.  Emmi suggested that I check out Mountain Bird, Jamie Woon and Bonobo so I'm going to finish this off with one of her picks.  Thanks again to Emmi for taking the time to talk with me, please check out her beautiful blog and you can find her on Instagram here.
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  • Behind the Scenes of the Ursa Major+ Lookbook


    In the short time since opening Ursa Major+, I have met some really awesome people and also had the chance to work with some of my dear friends.  The business of online entrepreneurship can be lonely at times - there is a lot of sitting in front of the computer.  It's no surprise that lookbook shoot days are the most fun, the studio is bumping with preparation and good music.  Here's a behind the scenes glance at the very first shoot for Ursa Major+!



    Makeup artist and nail art guru Rebecca De La Cour gets model Tori ready.




    I was wearing a lot of hats that day, both in front and behind the camera.  Tori is killing it as always.



    Tori, Rebecca and I as the shoot was wrapping up. We were ready to get out of the rain and into a box of pizza.



    Tori and our photographer Marcin Zach are the cutest couple around.  So much gratitude for all the help I had from these incredible people! 

    Have you checked out the lookbook yet?  You can find it here.

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  • The Love Yourself Event at Tabula Rasa


    Just before Valentine's Day I collaborated on an event with one of the best boutiques in the east end, Tabula Rasa.  The "Love Yourself Event" featured my jewellery line Hibou and I was there customizing necklaces on the spot while TR was debuting some of the their new must-have spring pieces.  Here are some pics from the night!


    Here I am in my favourite shirt that I hand-shredded while watching too many episodes of my ultimate guilty pleasure, Star Trek: TNG. What am I looking at? Probably the delicious vegan cupcakes that are just in front of me.


    Vintage dead-stock chain and stone bracelets.

    Dancing kids

    My hubs and my bud dancing to (probably) the Supremes.

    tea break

    Tea tea tea tea tea tea tea tea tea!

    delish treats

    farm for andy


    One of the customizable Hibou pieces is the Mojo Bag.  Pick a stone that speaks to you, choose your re-purposed leather swatch, we prepare it, and you walk away feeling the positive vibes!

    mojo bags

    Some gorgeous babes wearing Hibou Mojo Bags.



    My newest collection is a mix of semi-precious stones, vintage and new chain and some really special charms.  It is still available for sale in Tabula Rasa and will be online really soon!


    Thanks to Tabula Rasa for a great night!!

    xoxo Amarina

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  • OOTD - Pleated skirts and sneaky announcements

    This weekend, I took advantage of some summer evening light to show off one of my favourite skirts ever.  EVER.  I'd been wanting a pleated chiffon skirt for a long time but was unwilling to pay an arm and a leg for one, mostly because I've been a broke student for the last two years.  When I found this sweet gem I am sure I let out an embarrassing squeak of excitement - it was only $8!  I love that I can dress it up (I wore it with a fancy top to my convocation), or down (bra out) and it always feels right.

    Very obsessed with these shoes, I love the happy coral soles!

    Since I've been talking vintage a bit here, I'm going to take this opportunity to announce that my PLUS SIZE VINTAGE ONLINE STORE is almost ready to go!! I'll be posting about the launch in the very near future.  Be excited ladies!

    On the bod:

    Tank - Old Navy

    Skirt - Thrifted

    Shoes - Dolce Vita

    Bag - Thrifted

    Jewelry - Vintage and Hibou (made by me)

    I can't believe that summer is almost over, enjoy every moment!

    xoxo Amarina

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  • OOTD Summertime Velvet

    This weekend Ron and I kicked off our week-long concert marathon by seeing The XX at The Phoenix. They set the tone pre-show by filling up the theater with what seemed like record-breaking amounts of dry ice and gothic lighting. So feeling inspired in the midst of a pastel/floral/neon/sunshine-y summer, I busted out my black velvet skirt and my moon print tank from my first Ursa Major collection.

    As always, piled on the jewellery like there's no tomorrow. The necklace is vintage chain and crystal from the last Hibou Accessories collection that I did and the rest I've accumulated over my years of fashion hoarding.

    Used to be more self-conscious about showing my whole back but now I just say "fuck it, this is my body right now and it's awesome" and wear the shit out of see-through, low cut things. There's not enough time in my life for hate!

    I love these shoes! They were stupid cheap at Value Village and even though they destroy my feet, they are so legit 80's. Outfit details:

    Sunglasses/Glasses (stolen from my true love) - Zenni Optical
    Tank - Ursa Major+
    Skirt - Thrifted
    Shoes - Thrifted
    Jewellery - Hibou Accessories & various
    Nail Polish - OPI Charged up Cherry & Maybelline Porcelain Party

    Hope everyone is enjoying the summer!
    xoxo Amarina

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  • First Shoot Part Two

      So here is Rebecca in the third look from the shoot we did.  She's wearing an Alternative Apparel tank top from Tabula Rasa, skirt from H&M, tights from target, jewellery from Hibou Accessories and an Ursa Major tote that I printed myself.   For the last shot we had some fun with a vintage suitcase and my Polaroid camera (that I found at Value Village for $5 with original film still in it!).  Rebecca is wearing an Ursa Major lace tunic, her own bra, acid wash jeggings from Forever 21, and Hibou Accessories earrings. All in all we had...

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